plumberDo you know the state of your sewer in your Chamblee home or commercial establishment? Contact R.S. Andrews Plumbing & Sewer Repair now and schedule for a camera inspection of your sewer. We will let you know the current state of your sewer and will help you avoid messy sewer repairs that could break your budget. We provide high-quality sewer repair and services at very reasonable prices. Call us today.

Do you have a sewer repair problem? Although R.S. Andrews Plumbing makes our living by fixing your plumbing issues, we want you to be informed. By understanding what you can fix yourself and what requires the help of a licensed Chamblee GA plumber, you can trust that we’ll do the best job possible and won’t try to sell you services you don’t need.

What Causes a Sewer Line to Back Up?

There are a variety of problems and issues that can cause your Chamblee GA sewer line to back up into your home or business. Broken, cracked, and clogged sewer pipes can no longer move water and waste properly, causing a back up. Pipes can be blocked by waste products, grease buildup, or a foreign object that was accidentally flushed. The roots of trees and shrubs can wrap around or break into a pipe, invading the line and blocking it or causing a leak. The joints connecting pipes can lose their seal, which allows water to escape.

Video Sewer Inspection

To determine why your pipes are backed up, a video sewer inspection is often the best investigation tool used by a Chamblee GA plumbing contractor. This involves a small camera attached to a flexible tube. It is run into the pipes, and the plumber watched the screen for signs of blockage or pipe damage. Once he’s located the issue, he can immediately diagnose the cause of the back up and make plans for repairs.

DIY Clearing Clogged Drains

If your drains are clogged, you have a few tools at your disposal to try before calling a plumber. Start with a plunger. Make sure the rubber head seals over the drain completely, and then use a rhythmic pumping motion to pull up water and any materials that might be clogging the drain. Be sure to remove any drain covers or grates before attempting to use a plunger, otherwise any materials that come up will be impossible to remove.

When the plunger fails, it may be time to try the snake. A plumbing snake is a length of coiled steel spring. It can be run into pipes to loosen and remove clogs. Plumbers use large and very effective snakes, but most homeowners can use a small snake themselves to remove difficult clogs. If you cannot loosen or remove the clog with a snake, it is time to call a plumber. Serious and stubborn clogs will not respond to a homeowner’s attempts to remove them.

Emergency Plumber Response 24/7

You need to be able to trust your sewer repair plumber will be available to help whenever you need them, even if it’s at 4am. When you call them, do you want to hear a recorded message, or do you want someone to answer and send an emergency plumber response team to your house immediately? Choose a plumber that answers their phones even on holidays or on the weekends. Choose a full service plumbing contractor that can handle all your needs including installing and repairing water heaters, repairing toilets and installing natural gas lines and appliances.

Install and Repair Water Heaters, Too!

If  your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, you need to look for an established plumbing company that provides fast and reliable services. Call  now  and you’ll get the best plumbing service.

Each of our plumbers are trained to respond to any of your water heater concern, and we will get to your home fast. R.S. Andrews Plumbing in on-call 24/7 to solve all your water heater problems. Whether it’s routine servicing, installation, replacement or repair to your existing water heater, we can handle it and we will get the job right the first time. We are A+ BBB rated company so you’re assured that you will get the kind of service you’ve always wanted. Call us today.